Commencement 2022, January 2024
This short film captures and documents my experience graduating from Mount Holyoke College with the Class of 2022, in May 2022.
The Nags Head Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962, premiered September 14th, 2023
Music video for Sydney Zarlengo's Scared to Fall, April 2021
Volunteered as a cinematographer for this music video, and helped manage the footage and edit the final assembly cut.
X Equals X, March 2021
by Gabrielle Rodriguez Gonzalez in collaboration with Francesca Beatrice Mărie
A short narrative film project for FMT340VP - Advanced Projects in Video Production at Mount Holyoke College.
The film is an experimental dark comedy.
Featuring: Julia Blomberg as Nobel, Nebraska Chatham as Colleague, Shantini Ragoonaden as Co-Manager, Bethany Powell as Co-Manager, and Gabrielle Rodriguez Gonzalez. Story, Screenplay, and Directed by Gabrielle Rodriguez Gonzalez. Director of Photography Francesca Beatrice Mărie. Music, Costume and Production Design by Gabrielle Rodriguez Gonzalez. Edited by Gabrielle Rodriguez Gonzalez and Francesca Beatrice Mărie. Sound by Francesca Beatrice Mărie. Produced by Francesca Beatrice Mărie and Gabrielle Rodriguez Gonzales. Music: That's Entertainment! (Live At Carnegie Hall/1961) by Judy Garland.
A Moment in Time...Quarantined, December 2020
My first short film, created as my final project for Introduction to Video Production course at Mount Holyoke College. The short film is an observational experimental documentary about quarantine on a college campus, during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Short film collaboration - Mimesis by Yiwen Bao, November 2020
I had the opportunity to perform in Yiwen Bao's short film. She is a talented filmmaker, and a good friend I was lucky to collaborate with despite the pandemic. Watch her film below!

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