in deep waters is a short experimental documentary that I worked on between March 2020 and November 24th, 2021. It became a thesis project during my undergraduate degree in Film, Media, and Theater at Mount Holyoke College.
The project focuses on the 12 interviewees and their stories, narrating their pandemic experience. The film is a tribute to my late mentor and friend, the writer R. Wayne Gray.
The film was directed, produced, filmed, and edited by Francesca Beatrice Mărie.
Sound edit and music score by st.chine. Mixing and mastering by vseh blag. Ending monologue by Alexandra Duke.
Special thanks to the 12 interviewees for their time and vulnerability, my project advisor Elliot Montague, theoretical component advisor Hannah Goodwin, former advisor Robin Blaetz, X equals X broll by AJ Johnson, family and friends, thesis committee members, Media Services @ Mount Holyoke College for equipment needs and work, and last but not least - GoFundMe donors from February 2021.
Watch in deep waters by Francesca Beatrice Mărie below
Official Film Poster with the most recent festival laurels received! - April 2024

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